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Bakiyev Türkiyede tatil mi yapıyor

kırgızistan'da yayın yapan 24 Haber Ajansı, bir buçuk ay önce iktidardan uzaklaştırılan ve Belarus'a sığınan devrik Devlet Başkanı Kurmanbek Bakiyev'in ailesiyle birlikte Türkiye'de tatil yaptığını öne sürdü

İddiasını Rusya'daki diplomatik kaynaklara dayandıran ajans, Belarus'tan veya Türkiye'den bu konuda resmi bir doğrulama gelmediğini bildirdi.

Kırgız ajansı, Bakiyev'in devrilmesinden sonra iktidara gelen Başbakan Roza Otunbayeva yönetimindeki geçici hükümetin, konuyla ilgili olarak Ankara'dan bilgi istemesinin beklendiğini kaydetti.

Öte yandan, Rusya'nın RIA Novosti haber ajansına Belarus'un başkenti Minsk'te demeç veren Bakiyev, Kırgızistan'daki hassas durumu daha da germemek için ülkesine dönmeyi planlamadığını ve bunun da zaten mümkün görünmediğini söyledi.

Kırgızistan'daki geçici hükümetin Başbakanı Roza Otunbayeva'nın ülkedeki son olaylardan kendisini sorumlu tutmasıyla ilgili bir soru üzerine Bakiyev, "Kırgizistan'da yaşananlarla ilgili ne doğrudan, ne de dolaylı bir ilgim var. Ben ülkemi iç savaşı önlemek için terk ettim. Bu yüzden bugün Kırgızistan'da bulunan kardeşlerim ve oğullarımla telefon görüşmesi bile yapmıyorum" dedi.

Türkiye'den yalanlama

Türkiye'nin Bişkek Büyükelçiliğinden yapılan açıklamada ise "bazı kaynakların bu yöndeki iddiasının gerçek dışı olduğu" belirtildi.

Kırgızistan'da 7 Nisanda iktidarı elinden alınan Bakiyev, ailesiyle birlikte Belarus'a sığınmıştı.

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Europe Travel As An Option

Europe Travel As An Option

Most of us love to travel Europe, when planning honeymoon or just a

family holiday. But European holiday means at least you have to spend two weeks and the cost of the trip will be too high, so people prefer a short and beautiful holiday trip which is comparatively less expensive where they can travel few selected places in Europe. and you will not regret missing other places.
Austria is a wonderful holiday destination. You can either go skiing on the Alps or you can enjoy hiking or you can just go for a swim in the beautiful lakes. Although Austria is not an island but Bodenseea place in Austria, is a nice place for water lovers. Vienna is the capital of Austria but most of the tourists like to visit other places like Salzburg, Linz and Innsbruck.
Austria has a beautiful historic past, it has ancient sites, statues and quaint cafes. One thing you shouldn't miss when you are visiting Austria, the Opera and the classical music. The food is simply delicious and the sweets are indulging. The Sachertorte is a very famous sweet in Austria. It is truly a very romantic place.  
There are huge collections of hotels in Austria, luxury hotels as well as hotels which are affordable. You can find variety of hotels, bed and breakfast accommodations in different locations depending on the expense. There are various services like car hire and travel flights which can be booked online.
Hotel reservations can be done online or on the spot, when you reach Austria. The hotel deals with all the remaining legalities, and you can pay later after checking in the hotel.

Travel Around The World: Russian Vacations

Travel Around The World: Russian Vacations

It is in people`s nature to get used to anything easily. We live in almost all corners of the world and it`s normal! We get used to the heat and the cold, the hostility of nature and many other things. We even get used to everything good and funny. Vacations are the same. You get bored to travel Turkey three or four times for example and you want to experience something new. Well, why not travel Russia for a change?
Russia has always been a mystery for those who just heard something about this huge country. It has a very old and original culture, cold winters, bears and gypsies. Russia scares tourists even now due to its past that has very dark moments in history of the 20th century. However, it is history already. Nowadays travel agencies offer you lots of vacation packages to Russia as well as self-catering holidays. You can have great time if you take a closer look at this country.
It is not a problem to have travel flights to Russia. More than 70 international airports will provide you with this. It`s better to book a hotel in advance. It will give you an opportunity to have hotel discounts and you`ll be sure that you have a $150 room in a decent 3 or 4 stars hotel instead of a $500 room in an overbooked Moscow hotel.
You shouldn`t be scared of Russia nowadays. It`s a great country with many interesting places to visit during vacation.

turkey holiday

Travel Turkey

Travel Europe or travel Asia? That's the question. Seeing La Scala in Milan and Eiffel Tower in Paris, or the Altar of Heaven in Beijing and Ogasawara National Park in Tokyo, Japan? We propose you noting an opportunity to visit Turkey which is partially located in Europe and partially in Asia. If you travel Turkey, you touch two cultures which twisted in this exotic, but still very European country. Turkey is washed by many seas. It makes Turkey holidays tempting for those who prefer luxury vacations on the seashore. As for the beach resorts in Turkey, people used to visit Mediterranean resorts more often. This area is actively advertised for tourists. The services are good designed here; however, if you wish a calm family travel tour, you are advised to stay on the Black sea shore. Even the local inhabitants spend vacation there due to its picturesque rocks, waterfalls and forests. Antalya seashore is a wonderful place, too. The most popular resorts in Turkey are Antalya, Kemer, Alanya, Side and Belek. Another popular resort is the Aegean Sea area (Marmaris and Kusadasi are better for family vacation; Bodrum and Fethiye are full of noisy entertainments). Olives, pines and rocks will be exciting background for your vacation here. The best season for holiday in Turkey is between May and October.
Popular vacation packages provide cheap flights, hotel reservation, food and sometimes free flights for children under 12. Hotel reservation in Turkey does not require prepayment. You are allowed to pay for the services when you leave the hotel. However, one of the conditions is an ability to check your credit card if you have enough money to book a room for the declared time. If your trip is cancelled suddenly, they can get one-day living payment. Home rentals are less popular in Turkey. The matter is that timeshares in Turkey forced out all the tourists who didn't care about home rentals some years ago or didn't have friends/relatives/acquaintances in Turkey. It is possible to rent a room close to the seashore, but Asian houses are quite different from the familiar European comfort. New or renovated, more comfortable houses are built quite far from the city and downtown. All these things make seeking home rentals more complicated than hotel reservations. Turkey can be proud with their luxury hotels, as well. The most expensive hotels are in Bodrum, including the best golf fields, good ecology, purest beaches, rafting and alpinism trainings, antique sightseeing and even safari hunt.
Car rentals add more entertainment during your vacation as in Turkey it is worthy seeing many places. To find a car for rent, ask at the reception desk, consult your guide or just find any office in the city. The terms are easy - don't drive drunk and don't drive with more than five passengers once at a time. In general, on vacation it is better to relax, especially if you relax in such fascinating country like Turkey.